Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No one touches my cheese.

Me on my new couch....I like to scratch and dig and get under the blanket. Don't disturb me or I will growl. I take sleep time seriously.

My Life Story: The Pomeranian Comes with the Apartment

Friends...yes, I have many. Despite the fact that I have many friends, I wanted to reach out to more of you and tell my story.

I live in a suburban town in New York. I've lived here all my life...from when I was a tiny ball of the same house and on the same street. I lived with a man who sat in a chair with large wheels. As I was young, I remember very little but my puppyhood was happy. The man with the chair had to leave and so I got new people.

The new people were Susan and Patrick. They took the apartment where the man with the chair used to live. My apartment. At first I was hesitant, but they seemed nice. Patrick was barbequing dinner on the deck the first night. As I sat there, he was impressed with my manners. I didn't jump. I didn't beg. He said to Susan he would keep me. I thought this was cute as he was in my apartment. He grew on me.

Patrick and I took long walks. I love walks. He let me sniff everything for miles. We did everything together. My favorite treat was waffle fries. He gave me my own bag of fries, one at a time. I hid them in random places for later. Susan had to go away. Now it was just me and Patrick. I had many toys, my own shampoo, brushes, my own chair. He cut my hair when it was too early to go to the beauty parlor. He was a nice person to me. He taught me how to do high five. I gave him kisses. We both liked to sleep a lot.

One day a lady came to my apartment. She had a small apartment down the block. She knew the lady with the two annoying dogs. (I hate them.) The lady said she liked the apartment. I quickly took my waffle case she was hungry. She petted me and said I was cute. Patrick said that he had to go live with his Mother in Florida and that she was allergic. I don't know what that means, but I'm glad his Mother wasn't coming to my apartment.

A few days later Patrick gave me lots of kisses. He packed my designer bag with my blankets, my hair products and brushes. He packed my dog food and my waffle fries and we went to the apartment of that lady that lived down the block. I was never at a different apartment.

The first day I was at the different apartment. It was small and I was bored. The lady didn't like when I put all laundry all over the bedroom. She yelled at me. I didn't do it again. I was really bored.

I found out that the lady was named Tina. She gave me dog food, but I didn't want that. She gave me lots of stuff, but I didn't want that either. She took me for a ride. She bought me chicken nuggets, french fries and a frosty. I liked the frosty.

In a short time, we moved back into my apartment with Tina and Mike. I had a new couch. The first day we went for a walk. Tina didn't know anyone. She was surprised when the neighbors knew me by name. Hey, I lived here all my life.